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Leesoefening voor beginners 2


Leesoefening voor beginners 2

Lees de volgende tekst aandachtig en probeer nadien de onderstaande vragen te beantwoorden. Onderaan de vragen heb ik telkens de juiste oplossing gegeven. Ga niet spieken, daar leer je toch niets mee ;-).


Tom: Hi Henry, it’s been a long time since we saw each other last. What have you been up to?
Henry: Hi Tom! It’s great to see you again. I’ve been away on business.

Tom:Really, where did you go?
Henry:  Well, first I flew to New York for two meetings. After that, I flew to Atlanta, where I had to make a presentation at a company conference.

Tom: It sounds like you’ve been busy.
Henry:  Yes, I’ve been very busy. It’s good to be home again. What have you been doing lately?

Tom: Oh, nothing much. I’ve been working in the garden these past few days. Alice has been away for the past two weeks visiting her relatives in Chicago.
Henry: I didn’t know she has family in Chicago.

Tom:Yes, that’s right. We met at university in California. She was born in Chicago and lived there until she went to college.
Henry: How long have you lived here in Colorado?

Tom: We’ve lived here for over 10 years. We moved here in 1998 because I had a new job as a sales representative.
Henry: Have you lived in the same house since you arrived?

Tom: No, first we lived in a condo in downtown Denver. We moved here four years ago. We’ve lived on the street for four years and they’ve been the happiest years of our lives.
Henry: Yes, my wife Jane and I love this neighborhood.

Tom: And how long have you lived in your house?
Henry:  We’ve only lived here for two years.

Tom:That’s strange, it seems like you have lived here longer than that.
Henry: No, we moved here in 2006.

Tom: How time flies!
Henry:  I have to agree with you on that. It seems like yesterday that I graduated from college. I can’t believe I’ve been working for more than 10 years!

Tom: I’ve been working for more than 30 years! I’m going to retire soon.
Henry: Really? You don’t look a day over 40!

Tom: Thank you. You’re a great neighbor!
Henry: No, really. Well, I have to get going. Work is waiting for me. Have a good day.

Tom: You, too. Glad to have you back in the neighbor!


1. Where has Henry been?

A. He’s been away on vacation.
B. He’s been away on holiday.
C. He’s been away on business.

2. Which city was not a destination on his business trip?

A. Chicago
B. New York
C. Atlanta

3. What has Tom been doing?

A. Traveling to visit relatives
B. Working in the garden
C. Teaching school

4. What has Alice been doing?

A. traveling for work
B. visiting friends in Chicago
C. visiting relatives in Chicago

5. When did Tom and his wife moved to Colorado?

A. 10 years ago
B. more than 10 years ago
C. 2 years ago

6. How long has Tom and his wife lived in the neighborhood?

A. more than 10 years
B. 4 years
C. 2 years

7.  How long has Henry lived in the neighborhood?

A. more than 10 years
B. 2 years
C. 6 years

8. How long has Tom long been working?

A. more than 10 years
B. more than 40 years
C. more than 30 years

9. how long has Henry been working?

A. more than 10 years
B. more than 20 years
C. more than 40 years

10. What surprises Henry?

A.Tom’s wife
B. Tom’s age
C. Tom’s house


1. C
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. B
7. B
8. C
9. A
10. B

Leesoefening voor beginners 2
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