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Leesoefening voor beginners


Leesoefening voor beginners

Lees de volgende tekst aandachtig en probeer nadien de onderstaande vragen te beantwoorden. Onderaan de vragen heb ik telkens de juiste oplossing gegeven. Ga niet spieken, daar leer je toch niets mee ;-).

Mary’s Hobbies and Interests

Mary has a lot of hobbies and interests. She usually gets up early so she can run before work. She doesn’t often have time to ski, but she occasionally goes on Saturdays during the winter. Mary often rides a horse at a stable near here home. She sometimes goes after work, but she usually goes horseback riding on Sundays. She loves music. She always goes to choir practice on Wednesday evenings and sings in church on Sundays. She doesn’t have much extra money, so she rarely goes to concerts in the city. She seldom watches TV because she likes doing things outside. She usually goes to the gym if it’s raining outside. She isn’t often alone because she has a lot of friends. She occasionally does something alone, but she usually does her activities with one of her friends. She’s a happy woman!


1. Why does she usually get up early?

A. She gets up early to run before work.
B. she gets up early to go to work.
C. She gets up early to have breakfast.

2. How often does she ski?

A.She often skis.
B. She occasionally skis in winter.
C. She rarely skis in winter.

3. How often does she ride a horse?

A. She rides a horse every day.
B. She often rides a horse.
C. She never rides a horse.

4. When does she usually go horseback riding?

A. She usually goes horseback riding after work.
B. She usually goes horseback riding on Saturdays.
C. She usually goes horseback riding on Sundays.

5. What kind of music does she like doing?

A. Playing the violin
B. Singing
C. Playing the piano

6. How often does she go to concerts in the city?

A. Every Sunday
B. Rarely
C. Never

7. How often does she watch TV?

A. She usually watches TV every night.
B. She seldom watches TV.
C. She never watches TV.

8. What does she usually do if it’s raining?

A. She goes outside.
B. She goes to the gym.
C. She calls friends.

9. How often is she alone?

A. She is often alone.
B. She isn’t often alone.
C. She is usually alone.

10. How often does she do something alone?

A. She never does something alone.
B. She occasionally does something alone.
C. She always does something alone.


1. A
2. B
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. B
7. B
8. B
9. B
10. B

Wat was jouw score?

Leesoefening voor beginners
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