Leiding van het bedrijf

Hieronder wordt er meer uitleg gegeven over mensen in de bedrijfssector en vooral de ondernemende mensen.

*Businessmensen en ondernemers

A businessman, businesswoman or businessperson is someone who works in their own business or as a manager in a company.

On the other hand, an entrepreneur is someone who establishes their own company. The person who starts a company is therefore it’s founder. The new company that that the entrepreneur has started is a start-up (company). Entrepreneurship is used positively to describe people who take risks, and their activities. Some of these entrepreneurs leave their companies to found more companies, and others may stay to develop their business.


A large company is a business empire when it’s mainly owned by one person or by a family. Heads of large organizations are called business leaders or captains of the industry.

Some people might say that people like this are born with these leadership skills, or maybe such skills can be learned. But there’s also a study that says that people in leadership positions might have sociopathic traits, which is a bit scary if you think about it.


People in charge of big business empires are called moguls, tycoons or magnates. They are often used in combinations such as:

– Media, oil, press, … magnate

– Movie, shipping, media, …. mogul

– software, property, … tycoon


Do you know these famous businesspeople?

  • Donald Trump
  • Aristotle Onassis
  • Bill Gates
  • Steve Jobs

They all had special ideas and dreams of how to build up a company and they because millionaires by doing so.


Zelfstudie – oefening

Wat denk jij van magnaten? Zou je er graag een zijn/worden? Wat voor een leider zou je willen zijn? Schrijf een tekst in de comments hieronder!

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