In deze les gaan we aan de hand van korte verhaaltjes termen introduceren die gerelateerd zijn met loon of andere voordelen die een job te bieden kan hebben. Deze termen zijn vetgedrukt om je een beter zicht geven op de nieuwe woorden.

  1. A. They call me Ziggy and I’m a executive-manager at P&G in London. I get paid a salary every month. In winter, we’re very busy, so we work a lot of extra hours or overtime. The money for these extra hours is quite good. Because I work with the CEO, there are lots of extra perks, for example health benefits.


  1. I’m Jacky and I work as a coffee bar in the US. I like my job even if I don’t earn very much. I get paid wages every week by the company. We get the minimum wage, which is the lowest amount allowed by US law. But customers leave money for us in addition to the bill, and that’s called receiving a tip. Some people can be very generous, for which I am really thankful.


  1. I’m Brenda and I’m a saleswoman based in Winnipeg. I get a basic salary, plus commission. Usually it’s a small percentage on everything I sell to the customer. If I sell more than a particular amount in a year, I also get a bonus, which I love to see. There are some good fringe benefits with this job. For instance, I get a company car, and they make payments for my pension. This is what they call a good benefits package.


Compensatievorm 1

I’m Martin and my work involves pays and benefits. When speaking formal, these are called Compensation and remuneration. When you talk about all the pay and benefits that employees receive you say compensation package and remuneration package. For a senior executive, this may include share options or stock options. This means that they can buy the company’s shares at low prices. Besides these benefits there may be performance-related bonuses if the manager reaches objectives for the company.

Compensatievorm 2

Whenever an employee is forced to leave the company it’s also called compensation. This money is in the form of a compensation pay or severance payment. If somebody receives benefits, the payment and the benefits form a severance package. People like executives with very high pay and good benefits can be referred to as fat cats, implying that they do not deserve these remunerations.


Zelfstudie – oefening

Welke extra-voordelen heb jij? Denk je dat sommige mensen te veel extra-voordelen hebben? Verdienen ze die dan ook? Schrijf een Engelse tekst in de comments! Wij zullen deze tekst met plezier verbeteren.

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