Hieronder een stapsgewijze manier met een beschrijving van hoe het proces van solliciteren gebeurt:


Finding a people for a particular jobs is a process which is called recruitment or hiring. Someone who has been recruited is a recruit or a hire. The company employs or hires them, afterwhich they will join the company. A company can recruit employees directly or use recruitment agencies or employment agencies. Specialist recruiters are called headhunters. They headhunt people for specific jobs to persuade them to leave the organizations they already work for.


Somebody who is tired of their job or are looking for a new job or position, will go online to look for applications. They can then apply for a job by sending their CV with an email explaining why they wanted the job and why he is the right person for it. Other companies have an application form that can be filled in with the information the company needs.


Our company is in construction. When we receive applications we look at the backgrounds of the applicant. Especially their experience of different jobs and their qualifications.

The next step is inviting the most interesting candidates for a test or exam. After confirming their basic qualifications, we have an individual interview with each candidate. Our company also does phycological tests to asses their personality to see if they can work well in our team.

After this, we shortlist 5 candidates. We sometimes check their references by calling their referees. If the reference is ok, we will ask for yet another interview and offer 1 person the job. If they accept it, we hire them, and if not, we will look until we find the right person for  the job.


Zelfstudie – oefening

Hoe ben jij aan je job gekomen? Hoe heb je gesolliciteerd? Hoeveel interviews had je? Heb je ook enkele testfases moeten afleggen? Schrijf een tekst in het Engels en laat dit weten in de comments!

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